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Ion Implantation – SiC, GaN

ITC provides ion implantation services for SiC and GaN: metal ion species, high energy implantation , and high temperature implantation.

& Ion species & Energy

High Temperature

Damage of SiC caused by HT ion
implantation is much less than that of RT ion implantation

<figure>The damage of SiC caused by ion implantation
at various temperatures -RBS-

<figure>The roughness of SiC’s surface -TEM-

Activation Annealing

Damage caused by high temperature ion implantation can be eased by annealing.
Damage by RT ion implantation cannot.

<figure>The ease of damage after annealing -RBS-

Carbon Cap Deposition

Surface roughness is suppressed by carbon cap film.

Column regarding ion implantation

This column introduces what ion implantation is, from basic theory to applied content in several parts.
We hope that it will be helpful for you to deepen your research and discussions on what kind of phenomena can be analyzed in the future, such as examples for power devices, based on not only just the result of ion implantation in front of you but also seeing the basic theory behind that.

1) Ion implantation phenomenon by binary collision approximation

The article will explain the ion implantation with the basic theory of collision phenomenon while mentioning the analysis function of MARLOWE for the simulation code of binary collision approximation.

> Ion implantation_1_by BCA

2) Ion Implantation into Gallium Nitride

This article explains the phenomenon of Mg ion implantation into gallium nitride using the analysis results of the MARLOWE code.

> Ion implantation_2_Ion Implantation into Gallium Nitride

3) Ion Implantation into beta-Gallium Oxide

This article describes the ion implantation phenomenon into beta-type gallium oxide, which is expected as a next-generation power semiconductor device.

> Ion implantation_3_Ion Implantation into beta-Gallium Oxide

4) Basics of channeling ion implantation

When the ion is implanted along a specific crystal axis of a single crystal, there is the phenomenon in which incident ions penetrate deeply along the crystal axis, and this is called channeling ion implantation. Recently, there have been reports of ion implantation using the channeling phenomenon in the field of compound semiconductor devices such as Silicon carbide and so on.

Therefore, to make it easier to understand the channeling phenomenon, we have taken up the basic theory such as energy loss due to the collision between the incident ion and the target atom. At the same time, we will also introduce the analysis results by MARLOWE to provide information to deepen your understanding.

> Basics of channeling ion implantation

5) Issues of the analysis of ion implantation phenomenon by two-body scattering model

Explains the basics of channeling implantation into silicon. It mentions the challenges of commonly used ion implantation analysis codes and examples that complement them.

> Issues of the analysis of ion implantation phenomenon by two-body scattering model


An article by the author of this column was published in ‘OYO BUTURI’ ('Journal of Applied Physics' in Japanese). Please have a look.

> Notice of publication_OYO BUTURI 2020


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