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Ion Implantation – SiC, GaN

ITC provides ion implantation services for SiC and GaN: metal ion species, high energy implantation , and high temperature implantation.

& Ion species & Energy

High Temperature

Damage of SiC caused by HT ion
implantation is much less than that of RT ion implantation

<figure>The damage of SiC caused by ion implantation
at various temperatures -RBS-

<figure>The roughness of SiC’s surface -TEM-

Activation Annealing

Damage caused by high temperature ion implantation can be eased by annealing.
Damage by RT ion implantation cannot.

<figure>The ease of damage after annealing -RBS-

Carbon Cap Deposition

Surface roughness is suppressed by carbon cap film.

  Joint Research

ISGN2015 -The 6th International Symposium on Growth of Ⅲ-Nitrides-

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