Security policy

Information Security & Confidentiality

Ion Technology Center upholds the principles of Ingenuity, Venture Mindset and Challenging Mindset of our Action Guidelines, providing opportunities for personal growth and development while delivering a wide range of services, with a strong emphasis on R&D essential for our corporate growth.
We are committed to safeguarding our customers’ and our own information assets from every possible threat, ensuring the necessary information security through the establishment and compliance to this fundamental policy.


1. Information Security System

An information management officer was appointed to protect and manage all of our information assets, and a system has been established to promptly implement information security measures.


2. Information Security Training
We regularly provide necessary information security training to all our employees according to their roles and responsibilities, aiming to promote understanding of this fundamental policy and the various regulations, and to raise awareness of information security.


3. Protection of Information Assets

To safeguard all our information assets from every possible threat, we regularly conduct risk assessments and implement management measures, making improvements where necessary. Furthermore, we regularly conduct internal audits, and take appropriate actions in cases of violations or misconduct.


4. Compliance with Laws and Regulations 

We comply with all laws, requirements, regulations, rules, contractual obligations related to information security.

Ion Technology Center Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Yūki Ishigaki


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