Material Analysis Services

Supportive Services for Researchers and Engineers

We provide support for the R&D and quality management of various materials, including semiconductor and electronics-related materials, using material analysis and various evaluation techniques. Utilizing material analysis techniques involving electromagnetic waves and charged particles, along with extensive experience, we provide optimal solutions for various challenges faced by our customers.

ITC Material Analysis Services

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    Offering Optimal Proposals Across a Wide Range of Target Domains

    In addition to our abundant internal track record and experience, we have various collaborative partners both domestically and internationally, including overseas distributors. When in need, please contact ITC.

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    Please Let Us Know Your Preferences, such as Short Delivery Times

    Our strength lies in our flexibility to respond to the customer's needs. Please feel free to consult with us, even for short delivery times. In order to provide optimal solutions, our team collaborates and shares expertise to enhance satisfaction.

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    Individualized Solutions Are Possible, and We Are Flexible in Accommodating Specific Needs

    We offer on-site analysis and customized solutions to meet the customer's needs.  Our team's strength lies in being resourceful and adaptable, allowing us to meet specific requirements with flexibility.

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    We Address Challenges from the Customer's Perspective

    We understand the nuances that matter in material analysis, which can vary by content. Furthermore, we have a reputation for providing detailed explanations, and customer satisfaction with material analysis results is consistently high, with comments such as "The detailed explanations were appreciated".


Material Analysis

We analyze various solid materials using various analysis methods. We conduct analyses, ranging from impurity and component analysis of substrate materials to various thin film materials and multilayer film structure materials, performing state analysis and observations from macro to micro levels.

Failure Analysis

We comprehensively conduct the analysis of malfunction causes in electronic components through electronic testing, non-destructive testing, and identification of defective areas, among other methods.

Reliability Evaluation Test

We conduct various reliability assessment tests for automotive electronic components as well as various electronic components (ICs, chip capacitors, relays, circuit boards), units, materials, and so on.


Material Analysis

Furthermore, we can also accommodate other analysis methods. Please contact us for further details.

Reliability Assessment of Electronic Components for Automotive Applications


Request Procedure

We will guide you through the process from inquiry to service completion.

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    Please feel free to contact us. The inquiry form is available here.
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    Meeting, Proposal of Analysis Methods, and Quotation

    Based on your requirements, we will propose the most suitable methodology for your analysis objectives.
    Once the specifications are confirmed, we will provide you with a quotation, including the appointed day of delivery and costs.
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    Order Placement and Delivery of Samples

    If you agree with the quotation, please send the samples along with the analysis application form and the purchase order. The application form is available here.

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    Measurement, Analysis and Interpretation

    Specialized engineered will conduct measurements, analysis, and interpretation in accordance with your request.
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    Delivery of the Analysis Report

    We will provide the analysis results in electronic format. If you have any questions or concerns about the results, please feel free to discuss them with us. Meetings and report sessions can also be arranged according to your preferences.
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    Once the completion of the work is confirmed, we will send you the delivery note and invoice.

Authorized Dealers

We are actively expanding our range of services through an extensive network, both domestically and internationally.
Serving as the official representative in Japan for the following companies, we strive to deliver superior services and solutions to our clients nationwide.



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