Semiconductor Processes・R&D

We conduct in-house, collaborative, and commissioned research to address societal challenges and needs, from basic research to the development of new materials and devices, focusing on semiconductors. We provide tailored design and characterization services for semiconductor front-end prototypes from the research stage to mass production, aligning with specific requirements from the research stage to mass production.


  • icon|Technical

    Process Technologies Centered on Ion Implantation

    We can accommodate a wide range of materials and needs, including various ion implantation techniques, film formation, and heat treatments up to high temperatures

  • icon|Material

    Track Record in Handling New Materials (SiC、GaN、Ga2O3 etc.)

    We accelerate R&D through a wealth of experience in handling new materials, new device development, simulation development, and various other semiconductor-related achievements

  • icon|Network

    Broad Network Centered on Collaborative Research

    We contribute to the advancement of semiconductors through a network involving numerous research and development institutions and external fabs.

Capabilities of the Semiconductor Process Network

The Semiconductor Process Network offers flexible services tailored to budget constraints.
We will establish the environment necessary for prototyping, including design, processing, and evaluation. Utilizing this environment, we will coordinate the integrated prototyping and process prototyping of devices designed by the customer, and conduct evaluations.
We are willing to deal with small-scale, one-off projects. Above all, our commitment is to provide an empathetic, customer-focused approach.


Service Initiation Procedure

  • 01

    Inquiry and Consultation

    Within 1 week
  • 02

    First Meeting

    1–6 months (depending on the contents)
  • 03

    Preparations Completion, Plan Presentation

    1–2 weeks (depending on the contents)
  • 04

    Decision on Consignment (outsourcing)

    1–4 weeks (depending on the contents)
  • 05

    Beginning of Examination



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